Increase the Reach of your Business in the Digital World

There are currently more than 4 billion Internet users around the world, which means that more than half of the world’s population uses the Internet daily.

The Internet has become a showcase for all companies, and a powerful broadcast channel to achieve the most ambitious business objectives.

Specifically, social networks are platforms that have made a niche for themselves in the world of communication and marketing. As of today, if a company lacks social profiles, it is possible that it will lose reach, diffusion, and therefore new customers interested in its products or services.

How to increase your reach on social networks

Having a presence in social networks is basically a need today. In fact, there are more than 3.2 billion people using social networks globally, making it one of the most important keys when seeking to increase reach digitally today.
What’s more, there are many people who lose trust in a business every time they don’t find it on social networks.
To make it clearer, I am going to tell you what are the main advantages of having a presence on social networks:

✅ Through social networks, you can build an online reputation.
✅ It is a great showcase for everybody who uses these networks.
✅ It builds trust in users.
✅ Produces a feeling of closeness between the brand and users or followers.
✅ They increase the reach and the possibilities of increasing the audience.

All companies want to increase diffusion and awareness, grow their traffic, and boost conversions through social networks but there are many aspects that they do not consider when launching their strategy on social networks.

Within a successful marketing strategy in social media, a factor that must always be taken into account is to share quality content to attract the attention of the target audience. Quality over quantity.

But it is not only about publishing content. In addition to offering your audience what they want or need, you have to do it when they are available to consume information. That is, it is important to know how to determine the best hours to publish content on each social platform to ensure that your audience is there to see it.

In order to meet these increasingly necessary requirements in the world of social networks, there are tools such as Metricool that allow you to plan your content at the best time, that is, the hours in which more users are connected to each social network.

But before planning content without rhyme and reason, there are two other important points in this type of strategy if you want to increase the reach of the business, such as analyzing which target audience we are going to focus on. In addition, it is advisable to do an intensive analysis of the competition to find out what is new in your sector and analyze other past strategies that have worked in different ways.

In addition to following these four tips, it is very important not to leave behind the analysis and monitoring of your own strategy. Content and impact analytics is the last thing to do but not the least, since it adds a lot of value and allows optimizing the strategy to improve results and obtain greater benefits.

Increase your visibility with online advertising

Another of the most used resources in digital marketing strategies is online advertising (ad campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads) to achieve reach and visibility.

Online advertising allows a much greater reach than traditional advertising, as it can be active 24/7. In addition, there is the possibility of directing the ads to a more specific and successful audience with segmentation (it can be by age, gender, location, etc.) and all the information they offer now.

On the other hand, the platforms themselves increasingly limit the organic reach to favor the visibility of those promoted publications. This means that every time you advertise online on social media, the platforms will benefit you.

But the great advantage that accompanies this type of advertising and content is that there is the option of analyzing the performance of the actions in almost real-time. This allows you to know exactly if you are investing money in the correct way or if, on the contrary, it is necessary to optimize processes to achieve better results.


Both the presence and organic communication in social networks and online advertising are essential to have a greater reach and visibility today. Not only does it help to reach a larger audience, but they also have the option to analyze and monitor the results of the strategy in near real-time.

By tracking conversions and campaign results, you can achieve much better results, reduce efforts, and even save on budget. Thanks to companies like ActiveDEMAND, this job of tracking and monitoring leads is much easier and helps us automate processes when working on a marketing campaign.

About the Author: Sara Martin

Sara Martin
Sara is a content manager at Metricool. She is currently in charge of giving life to the blog, in addition to generating content for social networks and other types of collaborations such as link building.