Why “I Don’t Have Time” is the Best Reason to Use Marketing Automation in Senior Living

You’ve heard the buzz about marketing automation, but you’re swamped. Between resident care, paperwork, and meetings, your plate is more than full. It’s overflowing. The last thing you want to do is pile on more responsibilities, right? But what if I told you that the best remedy for your time crunch is actually marketing automation? Let me show you how.

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1. Small Steps, Big Impact: Start Simple

Intimidated or maybe overwhelmed by the idea of diving into automation head-first? Take a deep breath and exhale. You don’t have to implement everything all at once. Start by automating one simple process like follow-up emails for new inquiries, and then build from there as you get comfortable. Some quick and easy items you can add to start with marketing automation are:

  • Call Tracking – Setting up call tracking on your website is fast and simple with ActiveDEMAND. And since phone calls are still one of the most lucrative leads, simply adding a tracked phone number to your website can have a huge impact.
  • Autoresponders – Let your prospects know immediately that you have received their message and will get back to them soon.
  • Reminder emails – These are great for reminding users of upcoming events or special dates. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to set up across accounts and schedule a send time so you don’t have to send each reminder manually.

2. Immediate Time Savings: A Virtual Sidekick

save time with marketing automationYou’re already wearing multiple hats, juggling resident care, admin tasks, and more. The last thing you need is one more ball in the air. Marketing automation acts like a virtual sidekick, handling repetitive tasks like sending emails and following up on leads. Here is the important bit —-> You set it up once, and it keeps running. And possibly more important, once it is set up you can easily scale it to handle additional communities as they are added. Removing tasks from your plate gives you time back to focus on what really matters. ActiveDEMAND gets more time for you by:

  • Cloning content across accounts so you don’t have to re-create it over and over
  • Using ActiveDEMAND’s Content Hub to automatically pull content, create content posts, and then add to social media or email. All of this can be scheduled in advance for specific dates, or will automatically sent by a pre-determined date and time. REMEMBER – set it up once then let it run!

3. Personalization at Scale: Making Everyone Feel Special

Senior living thrives on personalized care. But can you imagine trying to send custom emails to every lead manually? With marketing automation, you can segment your audience and tailor messages to individual needs, creating a personal touch that scales. ActiveDEMAND even takes this a step further with the ability to manage contact relationships making it easy to personalize messaging to the resident or their caregiver.

  • Setting up email templates with dynamic terms makes it simple to pull the personal information about each contact into the email. Instead of writing the same email over and over, it can be done once and then reused.
  • Elevate each of your communities with ActiveDEMAND’s community-level branding. This not only adds a personalized touch but also saves time, as the branding is automatically applied to all your assets—be it emails, landing pages, or content.

4. Better Data, Better Decisions

Numbers don’t lie. Marketing automation gathers data that helps you make informed decisions. Want to know which email subject line is a winner? Which social media post got the most engagement? With automated analytics, you get the insights you need to make smart moves without sifting through spreadsheets. Need to share reports with decision-makers? Reports can be cloned across accounts, downloaded, or emailed automatically.

ActiveDEMAND has ALL the data in one platform so you know exactly what is achieving results. You will never get a more robust view of your customers. For example:

  • Use ActiveDEMAND’s Funnel Builder and Funnel Analytics to follow your users through the customer journey from first touch to sale. Discover which channels and assets are nurturing the sale and where the problematic bottlenecks are.
  • Get top-level roll-up reports and see all the data across multiple communities. With roll-up reports, you can:
    • Report on new leads for all communities
    • Report on appointments and tours booked
    • Compare email campaign performance between communities
    • Compare drip campaign performance between communities
    • Compare marketing channel performance between communities
    • and more (we have MANY roll-up reports to select from)
  • Instead of building reports one by one, generate report dashboards and share them across communities, stakeholders, or anyone who needs to understand how your marketing is performing.

5. Quality Over Quantity: Focus on What Matters

Let’s be honest, manually sending out emails and handling inquiries means you’re often playing a numbers game, trying to reach as many people as possible. Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, marketing automation lets you become a master of your most crucial tasks. Automation helps you focus on quality interactions, targeting visitors with the most relevant messaging, nurturing leads through the decision-making process, and fostering the relationship with ongoing appropriate engagement. ActiveDEMAND helps reduce redundant tasks with:

  • ActiveDEMAND’s AI-powered Sales Assistant is flexible – branded to each community with personalized support. With automated chat handling frequently asked questions (FAQs) about services, amenities, and pricing, it saves you time, reducing the number of calls or emails you or your staff need to manage.
  • Easy to build personalized nurture or drip campaigns to communicate and nurture prospects through the customer journey automatically. Nurture campaigns trigger automatically so you don’t have to manually follow up.
  • Seamless CRM integration with top senior living CRMs. Reduce manual entry into your CRM when ActiveDEMAND can do it for you. And with ActiveDEMAND’s access to complete customer data, sales teams save time and make better decisions.

So there you have it. Instead of being a time-suck, marketing automation is a life-saver. It’s like hiring a super-efficient, never-tired assistant that handles the mundane so you can excel at the meaningful. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, why not give it a shot?

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