How Marketing Agencies Can Get the Most From Automation

Many marketing agencies use automation platforms to simplify their email, social media and brand awareness campaigns. Yet there are other features that agencies can use to truly get the most from these platforms such as real-time client notifications and reporting, behavior-based trigger marketing and predictive personalization. As an agency rep or consultant, you’ll want to be particularly mindful of:


  • How much the automation software will cost based on your current number of contacts, plus the number of contacts you expect to have in one, two and three years’ time
  • Whether the software will integrate with your existing CRM, accounting and project management protocols
  • Whether or not you will have the ability to create sub-accounts for clients



Now, let’s take a closer look at those additional features you can benefit from…

Real-Time Client Notifications and Reporting

With a quality marketing automation platform, you can do more than just deliver a monthly report to your clients. Now you can keep you and your agency’s brand in front of them all month long. Well-known and respected automation platforms such as ActiveDEMAND send out lead notifications in real time with your name on them.

Trigger-Based Marketing/Communications

Trigger-based marketing involves sending targeted communications – i.e. emails, promotions, offers – to individual parties or groups based on customer behavior decisions electronically transmitted through prompts. These decision transmissions contain captured data which is collected, analyzed and processed. Automation platform tools then add prospects to particular lists or send emails based on prospects’ actions and choices. In turn, customers receive communications at pre-determined times based on collected preference data.

Predictive Personalization

The concept known as predictive personalization relies on data and prospect information to gain an understanding of visitors’ behavior. This data then creates a relevant experience for the user visiting the website. With regard to marketing automation, an effective and optimized predictive personalization marketing platform will perform content targeting automatically, as these programs understand the interests of prospects based on how they interact with inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

With a platform such as ActiveDEMAND in place, the most relevant content is presented based on a prospect’s profile. This results in more conversions, more leads and consequently, more sales for clients.