How Call Tracking Makes Lead Management Easier

Marketing agency that regularly monitors leads for clients understand how challenging the task of lead management can be. In lacking the right tools, you can easily lose organization or make rudimentary mistakes that yield records which are inaccurate. If you have been reading any of my ongoing call tracking articles, you’re likely wondering what call tracking has to do with lead management. I’m here to tell you that there are in fact steps you can take with your call tracking efforts to ensure leads remain organized and accurate.

Sync Your Call Tracking with Your CRM System

You know what one of the most error-prone and time-consuming business activities is? Manually entering caller information into a CRM system. To keep a lead management protocol accurate and efficient, consider syncing your clients’ call tracking and CRM database – you’ll save even more time by automating the process of transferring caller information into the CRM system. What’s more, automating the process also eliminates the risk of human error so your clients can rest assured knowing their records are precise and complete.

Use Unique TFNs on Different Campaigns

Don’t you have to know where your leads are coming from so you can effectively allocate clients’ budgets to the campaigns that generate leads while stopping the ones that are ineffective? Of course you do. By assigning unique toll-free numbers (TFNs) to each of your campaigns, you can report to clients which campaign prompted a lead to call; with this information, clients make informed decisions about where to invest their budget to generate more leads with successful campaigns.

Implement Geographic Call Mapping

Isn’t it time you sat down and figured out what regions the majority of your clients’ phone leads are coming from (if you haven’t already)? Since geo-targeting has become so popular as of late, it’s crucial to know if your clients’ campaigns are generating conversions in their geographic locations; if your call tracking solution boasts a call mapping feature, you can easily see just where the phone calls are coming from and organize leads by region.

Here’s another quick question I want to ask in closing: Have you noticed additional ways your competition is using call tracking solutions to help with lead management? If so, it’s time to buckle down and start utilizing some of your own.