Ho-Ho-How to Perform Multi-Channel Holiday Announcements

Ahh, the holidays. Oh sorry, I meant “AHHHH THE HOLIDAYS”! We forgot all about getting an announcement about posting our modified office hours, just like everyone else. So here’s a way to prep up your holiday hours announcements across multiple channels, and as a bonus, how to post across multiple client accounts. That should leave plenty of time for eggnog.

Step 1: Pick your Channels

Step one in an office holiday announcement is picking the channels. The channels have to be picked first because the medium should help define the message. There’s no sense coming up with a holiday poem if you’re just posting to Twitter! Note: you don’t have to post to every channel, just the ones your customers expect you to.

For our campaign, we’re going to pick our WordPress Blog, a popup on our website, Facebook, email newsletter, and Twitter. We’re skipping Pinterest and Instagram, and we’re not doing remarketing ads because our clients don’t expect office hours announcements from us on those platforms. Your mileage may vary!

Step 2: Build Creative Assets

  • Display Creative: We’re going to try to cut the same image assets for a website popup, FB, Twitter, and email newsletter, and use it on the blog. You could use different image assets for each channel, we’re just trying to keep it simple for ourselves.
  • We’ll also need 1-2 lines of text to add to our brief posts or as text along with the image posts
  • WordPress Blog: normally a holiday announcement is not blog-worthy, but we do have a blog post to co-launch with our holiday announcement: this one!
facebook holiday post

Creating the social posts in ActiveDEMAND is easy with the ability to add links, images, text, and schedule send date and time.


Step 3: Schedule Posts

There are some style choices for scheduling your posts. You may want to schedule your hours’ reminders to go out a few times on social and then a single “happy holidays” post at a super timely point. For us, we’re going to schedule our activity in an ActiveDEMAND campaign like this:

  • Blog post on December 14th so you guys have time to copy some of our suggestions for your own holiday announcements
  • Post on Twitter/FB/Website popup from the 17th what our holidays are (no one’s in the office from Dec 24-26). Post this message twice on FB/Twitter, but keep the popup live the whole time from the 17th – 26th
    • To get extremely personal, we dynamically swap in the correct holiday message based on the visitor’s country. We have clients all over the world, so it’s important for us to be personal to them.
  • Our email newsletter is going out by December 20th.
post holiday hour announcements on ActiveDEMAND calendar

ActiveDEMAND includes a content calendar for campaigns to make it easy to visualize post timing.

Step 4: Duplicate Across Accounts

If you do marketing for multiple senior care facilities, if you perform marketing for multiple franchises, or if you have multiple clients that all need to run the same seasonal messaging, duplicating these campaigns across accounts will save you from copy/paste fatigue! ActiveDEMAND supports duplicating assets across accounts and applying branding, so you can duplicate the same well-thought-out campaigns across multiple clients and have more time to pick out the perfect sweater to win the office ugly Christmas sweater contest.

Check out our country-specific popups!

country specific holiday hour posts

Duplicate content across accounts.