Growing a B2B company with marketing automation

Once leads are in the sales funnel, how do your reps go about converting them? If your sales team is performing the marketing activities necessary to turn leads into customers, this process can quickly become expensive. Plus, this isn’t the most efficient way to deliver marketing content to prospects. However, marketing activities can grow in cost if you aren’t carefully measuring return on investment. An online marketing system can significantly improve these outcomes to avoid lost revenue in the funnel.

Marketing automation isn’t just a platform used to send emails. These solutions can bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams, making your company function more efficiently. Collaboration between the two groups can improve because marketing automation tools provide actionable data that can be used to streamline processes. Even if companies don’t sell anything online, staying up to date on technology and trends in buyer behavior is no longer optional. B2B marketers who aren’t using advanced tools like marketing automation can easily lose prospects to their competitors, according to Business 2 Community.

Marketing automation fills in the blanks in strategies

A significant part of the challenge in modern B2B marketing is prospects want to contact sales representatives much later in the funnel, so you may have leads you weren’t aware of. Because buyers have greater access to information than ever before, your sales team has lost some of its control over the sales cycle.

Although the capabilities of marketing automation isn’t limited exclusively to email marketing, these platforms can improve the effectiveness of this channel. Email marketing is a cost-efficient way to reach a large number of prospects at one time, but sending a blanket message to a cold list will not give you the ROI you want. Buyers are becoming more wary of emails, which means marketers need a tool that allows them to send a targeted message at the right time in the sales cycle. Marketing automations helps you nurture leads over time with relevant content.

An online marketing system moves leads through the funnel

Marketing automation makes both marketers and sales reps more effective in their roles and it builds the relationship with prospects over time. Marketers can create a more efficient strategy based on the different stages of the sales cycle. These platforms allow you to take back the control that’s been lost in the modern buyer’s journey without adding to your workload.

In fact, a recent report from the Lenskold Group and the Pedowitz Group found 63 percent of B2B companies that are outgrowing their competitors are doing so with the power of marketing automation. These high-growth organizations are also more likely to assess their marketing ROI to make improvements. Seventy-eight percent of marketers surveyed said marketing automation solutions make the most significant contributions to revenue. Improved lead scoring processes can positively impact conversion rates. Marketing automation plays a role in every stage of the revenue funnel to significantly boost effectiveness.