Improve customer loyalty with a great Web experience

Web Experience have become a critical Internet marketing tool for all businesses. A well-designed site can improve customer loyalty and help small companies attract new customers. However, some organizations may not be leveraging their websites to gain the most important benefits from online marketing.

Websites are becoming more important to consumers, and a growing percentage of the general public is satisfied with their Internet user experiences, according to a study from Kentico Software, a customer experience management company. In fact, 57 percent of consumers think websites have improved in terms of design, functionality, usability, content and usefulness in the past five years. Approximately one-third of those surveyed didn’t think websites had changed much, but only 12 percent thought their Web experiences had gotten worse.

It can be a challenge to drive customer loyalty

With the growing role of the Internet in consumers’ daily lives, it’s important to offer a top-quality experience. It can be a challenge to build loyalty to attract a customer base that will return to the site on a regular basis. The study found 41 percent of people visit up to five websites outside of work. Only 5 percent regularly visit more than 20 sites during their personal time. The only way to ensure clients will return to a business website is to deliver a compelling Internet experience.

Key elements of a great Web experience

Websites can act as a meeting point for all other Internet marketing channels. If small businesses utilize social media, banner ads and local listings, these platforms can drive traffic to the page. However, companies need to get customers to return to the site after the initial visit.

Websites do not function in a vacuum. Small-business owners need to combine this platform with a search engine optimization strategy to ensure the Web page is found by consumers. One of the website improvements consumers enjoyed was personalized elements. Small-business owners can offer a more customized experience with a marketing automation platform. This can save time for owners so they can focus on other tasks instead of constantly maintaining the company site. These platforms can also have analytics tools to help small companies measure the effectiveness of their websites and marketing campaigns. With marketing automation and a dynamic website, small businesses can gain more high-quality leads and build a loyal customer base.