Google Message Extensions Means Even More Ways to Track PPC Attribution

Google has just added message extensions support for their AdWords, and since ActiveDEMAND integrated call tracking supports both calls and text, this means we have yet another way to thoroughly track your marketing spend. ActiveDEMAND Landing Pages work harmoniously with Google AdWords and other PPC traffic campaigns, while our integrated call tracking provides full attribution from phone calls and texts that originated from your ad.

Sound too good to be true? With call extensions and ActiveDEMAND, it isn’t.

A Brief Overview of Call Extensions

The best way of displaying your phone number with your ads is through call extensions. When your call extensions show, people can tap or click a button to call your business directly; conversely, they can tap or click your ad to go right to your website. Call extensions give you more chances to get and track valuable conversions.

How Message Extensions Come into Play

Google message extensions allow people to see your ad, click an icon and contact you directly by text message – with one tap on your ad, potential customers can reach you to book an appointment, get a quote, ask for information, or request a service. All in all, Google message extensions can help you grow your business by providing people with another option by which to reach you. Message extensions will show only to people on phones capable of sending and receiving text messages. Additionally, your business must have a phone number capable of receiving, processing and sending texts.

When an individual taps the message icon in your ad from their mobile device, their messaging app will open with a pre-populated message you create. As with other pay-per-click, charges occur when a click occurs. A message extension icon tap is equal to a click and equivalent to an ad click to a landing page.

Benefits of Google Message Extensions

It seems like the ability to message a business directly has been a long overdue addition to Google AdWords, especially since 67-percent of consumers have been looking to Twitter and Facebook for direct customer service for years now. But does that make the concept or implementation of message extension any less valuable? Undeniably not. Trust us when we tell you that your customers will begin experiencing the benefits of the new extension immediately.

Beyond the apparent benefits of ease and speed, the ability to text a business:

  • Eliminate customer service frustrations. (Ie. Hold times, endless menu options, transfer mix ups).
  • Creates a much better customer experience, as there’s rarely a time when staying on hold to speak with someone is better than dropping off a text and freeing yourself up to do other things during the interim.
  • Becomes very relevant in markets where competition is fierce, making the need to connect with customers and be receptive to their needs vital for success.

With a complete engagement tracking platform like ActiveDEMAND, you can now track the full attribution of a prospect – whether he or she engages with the landing page URL, click-to-call, the listed phone number or now the text message option.