Going Local: The Next Step in Dynamic Number Insertion

Drive More Sales-Ready Leads with Local Phone Number Insertion

It’s a fact that as global organizations expand, they get more complicated and difficult to manage. Need evidence? Look no further than the interviews and surveys we recently analyzed in which 300 executives at 17 major global entities were polled; it seems that fewer than half of the respondents believed that their organization’s structure created “clear accountabilities” and many suggested that globalization brings with it – as one executive put it – “cumulative degrees of complexity.”

That brings us to the validity of doing business on a more local scale. We can tell you that when a business attempts to make itself more “regionally-oriented,” a prospect then becomes more likely to make transaction through that business. A “local” number – that is, one that can be defined by country, region or city – can make itself known on a website by taking advantage of call tracking solutions, and businesses can increase incoming calls through local numbers being displayed.

How do Companies Conducting Business Outside Their Home Country Gain an Advantage by Using Country-Specific Phone Number Insertion?

Entities doing business outside the realm of their home country have an advantage by utilizing country-specific phone number insertion on their websites. A country-oriented phone number insertion feature inserted into a call tracking software algorithm offers numerous advantages, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Enhanced User Conversions and Engagement – Even though rates on international phone calls have come down over the past few years, there are still those who remain hesitant to pay long-distance charges in order to contact a company. Through displaying a local number on a website, the company increases its chance of the visitor responding to the calls-to-action on that site…thus, it becomes more likely that the visitor’s experience will yield a conversion.
  • Worldwide Expansion That’s Made Easier – Marketing to, or doing business in, a variety of nations demands country-specific number insertion to make the process more streamlined; even if calls are forwarded to a location that happens to reside halfway around the world, displaying a local number gives the impression of a “local presence” for a company, while simultaneously making it appear more trustworthy in the eyes of prospects.
  • Seamless Integration with Other Call Tracking Software Features – Country-specific number insertion works in tandem with any other features made available in a call tracking software platform, including tracking with Google Analytics and call recording.

The phone is no longer just something that facilitates voice or text communications…it has evolved to become a data-driven technology that can inform the decisions you make while running your business.