Generating Qualified Leads: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Are you working too hard to generate qualified leads and not seeing the results you want? This infographic highlights two marketing approaches to lead generation. Are you a confident operator, with a fool-proof plan and clear online marketing objective? Or the guy with heavy artillery, some vague marketing coordinates who’s hoping you’re hitting the mark? Being militant about marketing may not be the best approach to generating qualified leads.

Generating Qualified Leads: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working harder doesn’t mean better results

Militant marketers isolate themselves in a bunker, which means they significantly increase their workloads without boosting success rates because they feel they need to tackle everything from promotions to sales on their own.

These marketers have many gaps in their strategies. They do not have a clear brand message, and they don’t segment their audiences, which means everyone gets the same communications with no personalization. This will eventually cause email recipients to avoid messages. But militant marketers may not notice people unsubscribe from the list or delete emails because they don’t measure their marketing efforts. Additionally, these professionals are convinced of the power of traditional advertising methods, so they continue to make the same mistakes.

Without an integrated marketing environment, promotional initiatives can take a long time to execute and marketers may not see the same return on investment they could achieve with marketing automation.

Marketing automation makes efforts faster, smarter

Smart professionals know their marketing strategies can’t function in a vacuum. Savvy companies are using marketing automation to do less work and see better results.

Marketing automation can keep branding consistent across all channels, which creates a memorable experience for the target audience. These platforms make it easier to integrate operations between the sales and marketing teams, which leads to seamless customer contact, and better qualified leads. Instead of shooting in the dark, intelligent marketers monitor campaign performance and measure the success of their efforts to determine what is working and what can be improved. They are also better at targeting different customer segments, which means that communications hit the mark and are rarely ignored by recipients.

These practices have replaced outdated marketing methods with online strategies to reach customers through the channels they already use to contact companies. An online marketing system allows companies to send more relevant materials to their prospects and personalize messages to leads in different stages of the sales funnel. Smart marketers have honed their approaches and know which marketing methods will move qualified leads through the funnel or convert them into sales. Using an automated and integrated marketing environment allows them to put these methods to work easily, while providing real-time measurements and automatic lead nurturing.

Need more convincing of the power of marketing automation?

An integrated marketing environment doesn’t just create more targeted emails. It can boost company growth and significantly increase revenue in a relatively short period of time. Marketing automation can:

  • Generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33-percent lower cost when businesses excel at nurturing
  • Contribute to a 451-percent increase in qualified leads
  • Increase revenue by as much as 10 percent in six to nine months
  • Use relevant emails to achieve 18 times higher revenue than broadcast emails

With the clear link to revenue growth and the ability to expend less time on marketing efforts, it wouldn’t be very smart to not adopt an automated platform. This solution allows you to create relevant content, keep branding consistent across multiple channels and experience better ROI. See the differences between the militant, blunt-force and the savvy, smart marketer approach to generating qualified leads.

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