Funnel Builders: Unlocking the Potential for Increased ROI in Marketing

Marketing agencies are often faced with the challenge of understanding the customer journey and identifying areas where potential customers may be dropping off in the sales process. Additionally, determining the return on investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns can be a complex task. A solution to these challenges is the implementation of a funnel builder tool.

What is a Funnel Builder?

what is a funnel builderA funnel builder is software that allows marketing agencies to visualize the customer journey and track customer interactions throughout the sales process. They are sometimes referred to as Funnel Analtyics, Funnel Visualization, Funnel Creator, or Sales Funnel software. While they all fall under the same general funnel umbrella, not all software provides the same level of functionality. Some provide only a way to visualize the campaign funnel. More comprehensive tools provide the visualization and the ability to track prospects moving through the funnel. They may also include editing ability to optimize campaigns quickly and easily. And fully comprehensive tools, like ActiveDEMAND, also include complete prospect data and revenue attribution. By utilizing a complete funnel builder, marketing agencies gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and identify problem areas that may be causing customers to drop off.

Funnel Builders Prove Campaigns Are Working

prove campaigns are workingFunnel builders and funnel visualization tools like ActiveDEMAND’s Marketing Funnel Analytics also enable marketing agencies to measure and analyze ROI for their campaigns. By understanding which campaigns are driving the most conversions, agencies can allocate resources more effectively and optimize their budgets. This can lead to more efficient use of marketing spend and an increase in ROI.

Identify Trends and Optimize Campaigns Fast

Funnel builders also allow for real-time tracking and monitoring of campaigns. This enables agencies to make data-driven decisions and adjust their strategy as needed. Additionally, by identifying trends and patterns in customer behavior, agencies can use the insights gained from funnel visualization to inform and optimize their future marketing strategies. 

ActiveDEMAND takes this a step further and makes it simple for marketing agencies to share campaign funnels with clients and stakeholders. This allows agencies to clearly communicate their findings and strategies to their clients, and keep them informed about the progress of their campaigns. By giving clients access to the same data and insights that the agency is using to make decisions, it can also increase trust and transparency in the relationship.

Moreover, by providing clients with access to the data and insights of their campaigns, agencies demonstrate the value of their services, which can lead to more business opportunities and long-term partnerships.

Embedded Live Funnel Analytics Report

Funnel Builders Aid Personalization and Targeting

The use of funnel builders also facilitates the creation of a more accurate customer profile. By understanding the customer’s journey, agencies can personalize and target their marketing efforts more effectively, leading to increased customer engagement and ultimately, conversions.

funnelbuilder analytics

Improve Campaign Performance, Increase ROI, Demonstrate Value

improve roiFunnel builders offer marketing agencies a valuable tool for understanding the customer journey, identifying problem areas, measuring and analyzing ROI, and personalizing and targeting marketing efforts. The implementation of a funnel builder tool can lead to improved campaign performance, an increase in ROI, and value demonstrated to clients.

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