The Importance of Marketing Automation for Agencies

Comprised of marketers, marketing agencies understand the benefits a marketing automation platform such as ActiveDEMAND by JumpDEMAND provides, and because they are selling themselves as agencies specializing in specific industries, they have responsibilities to fulfill on behalf of their various clients. This is where marketing automation platforms come into play. Among the most important factors when choosing such platforms: support for multiple client sub-accounts, client-level dashboard reporting, multiple channel marketing, the ability to reuse/clone marketing templates and assets across accounts and, finally, white-labeling.

Let’s take a brief look at each of these.

Support for Multiple Client Sub-Accounts

When utilizing a top-notch marketing automation platform, such as ActiveDEMAND, you create unlimited accounts within the system to manage each client’s marketing initiatives. Imagine customizing each account within your client’s brand so campaigns look professional and consistent. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t with marketing automation solutions like this.

Client-Level Dashboard Reporting

Sharing common information with clients while fully utilizing its own branding is a reality for agencies through the use of client dashboards. Additionally, with client log-ins, clients access their own personal dashboard to view the status and performance of their campaigns. Now all marketing reporting can remain in one place, with a marketing automation platform’s analytics consolidating all marketing requirements via one login.

Multiple Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing automation within a powerful marketing automation platform, is best described as the process of creating and maintaining a marketing presence across multiple media platforms: the Internet, social media, mobile/Smartphones, etc. Multi-channel marketing automation requires consistent marketing of content and its context across multiple marketing platforms, while customer activity and responses are collected and prioritized.

Reusing and Cloning Marketing Templates and Assets Across Accounts

Marketing leaders consistently communicate with their prospects and customers through marketing commodities such as eNewsletters. This kind of communication generates leads, increases customer retention and keeps marketers ahead of the competition. Using a marketing automation platform, marketers easily create items like eNewsletters from existing templates. Copy and paste HTML code and it’s done.


Keep your agency’s brand front and center by taking advantage of a marketing automation platform’s white-labeling function. Many platforms, such as ActiveDEMAND, support white-labeling and guarantee communication to a client has your particular look and feel. You have complete control of your brand presentation.

The concept of inbound marketing is essential in our digital age. Why? Because the traditional selling process such as cold-calling, print ads, direct mail, tradeshows, has evolved to define new standards in modern marketing. Adopting inbound marketing strategies helps you connect with customers on a whole new level.