5 easy quick hits for marketing

The Importance of Small Business Online Marketing

You followed your instincts and came to the conclusion that this internet thing is not a fad and that your customers are using Google to find what they are looking for … including your business. You got your brother’s cousin, who is a computer guy, to build you a website. Now you are set. Or are you?

If only everything in life were free and easy we could all retire young and live where it is always sunny and warm. The reality is though everything is not free nor is everything easy.

Here are Five Relatively Easy Things for you to do today that will help you get the most out of your online investment.

1. Clearly define the ROLE your website plays in driving the business
Why do anything without intent? If you are going to put the effort into building a website, ensure you have some clear business objectives in mind that you are looking to achieve with your investment. Is this website just an online business card? If the answer is yes, how many new customers are you meeting per month? Is your website a storefront? If yes, how many sales are you generating? Ensure you have a business goal in mind and try to achieve it.

2. Stop asking the impossible… make it easy for the site visitor to contact you
You do not know how many websites I have been to that it is damn near impossible to find how to contact the business. If you are asking your customers to click through 5 pages, scroll to the bottom, look at some small text to find a phone number, you are missing the point.

3. Ensure your website is mobile friendly
You came to the conclusion that the internet is not a fad … guess what, mobile connectivity is NOT a fad either. The majority of all web traffic in the next few years will be dominated by people with mobile devices. Load your site on a mobile device … look at what how your customers are viewing your business.

4. Advertise the website
This seems odd. Why advertise the website. I thought Google can find anything. Well Google is good at finding just about anything … but who wants to be on page 75 of the search results?When was the last time you chose something that was on page 2 of a Google search result. Advertise your site. Use Pay Per Click, put your website URL on your business cards, On your invoices, On your email signatures, Paint it on the back of your pickup truck. People will remember a web URL before they remember your phone number … if you give them the chance to.

5. Track everything
One of the downsides of the internet is that nothing is private or anonymous anymore. As a business, this is actually a good thing. Track how many customers are emailing you based on hitting your website. Track how many calls you get as a result of using your website. Track the sales, track the number of visitors converting. Google Analytics is your friend. At the end of the day, you need to understand what your website is doing for your business.