What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are a style of ad on Facebook that features an embedded form, and that form can be pre-filled out with information that Facebook knows about the contact. Because a lot of the fields are pre-filled, friction is reduced and it’s really easy for prospects to complete the form. If you are offering something simple that doesn’t require much explanation before the prospect would fill in a form, you can target people online with a Facebook Lead Ad to really cut down on the steps they need to take to become a prospect.

Johnny Wenzel, Manager of Marketing Science at POD Marketing shared this tip with us: “The strength of Facebook Lead Ads is also it’s downfall – ease of submissions. It takes two or three clicks to submit the form, so you will get a lot of submissions. The downside here is that the quality of many of these submissions may not be great. It’s a good idea to use Facebook’s double confirmation option as a way to filter out bad submissions.”

While we were able to use Zapier or LeadsBridge to pull these form fills from Facebook to ActiveDEMAND before, we now have a native integration option. This native integration pulls the lead right into ActiveDEMAND.

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with ActiveDEMAND

There are 3 main steps to integrating Facebook Lead Ads with ActiveDEMAND

  1. Integrate your Facebook account with ActiveDEMAND
  2. Setup the Lead Ad on Facebook
  3. In ActiveDEMAND, pick the lead ad and map the Lead Ad form fields to ActiveDEMAND fields

facebook lead ad example

facebook lead ad example facebook lead ads mapping