Excel can be Social??

I really like easy-to-use interfaces when I’m doing one-sie two-sie work, but it seems that whenever I’m doing hardcore marketing, I’m staring at a 200-row Excel or Google sheet! Whether it’s setting up a content calendar, doing keyword research for SEO, bulk creating Google Ad campaigns, or creating a blocking chart for social posts, Excel is great for bigger data projects. It’s also a handy way to set up a queue of social content to go out at ideal social posting times because ActiveDEMAND supports bulk-adding social posts through your account using CSV files from Excel or Google Sheets. This is useful when:

  • you know the best times to post on social and want to schedule a set of content to go out around those times
  • you have evergreen content that stands the test of time and bears repeating

One of the ways we use the bulk-import social post feature is for our evergreen content. It’s as simple as downloading the .CSV header doc from ActiveDEMAND and adding the post text, post URL, and post image into the spreadsheet. Once we determine our schedule for evergreen posts, it’s easy to upload the .CSV file into our social media calendar as needed. And now, every time we add new evergreen content to our blog, it gets added to the spreadsheet to continue to grow our content library.

appointment scheduler

Posts can be scheduled for your readers’ optimal social time

Mix it up a bit

Social posts can be important to show that your company is active. We’d recommend using a mix of scheduled posts like these along with some manual, ad-hoc social posts where they make sense. Not all posts need to be manual, and sometimes great quality old content can be cycled through over time to ensure people see it. If you’re raring to go, we have a great support article on how to use the bulk import for social posts in ActiveDEMAND.