Why Marketing Automation Matters when it Comes to Event Marketing

It is no surprise that creating an event either on-site or online, means putting in a significant amount of time and energy into event marketing. This is why it’s important to make sure that you go about promoting your event in the best possible way. In an effort to generate the highest amount of registrants, you need a good mix of social media, email, landing pages, call-in phone numbers, e-reminders, and follow-ups. That’s why by initiating communications early and often ensures a good turnout.

This is where marketing automation (MA) comes in. Marketing automation enables companies, coordinators, event managers and marketers to nurture leads until prospects become attendees. Creating a series of touchpoints becomes necessary in order to move prospects down the pipeline in order to make them event-ready.

Without the right MA platform, you are likely to experience disorganization. Each event calls for multiple emails, landing page creation and posting and other mediums of communications. It becomes a nightmare to keep track of where people are in the campaign. This is why a robust MAP is necessary in order to keep track of all the details.

Let’s look at 5 key ways that you can drive event success with Marketing Automation.

1. Online registration

The right MAP gets you up and running – fast. With pre-built templates you are ready to promote your next event without spending time on creating templates for emails and landing pages. The right event marketing campaign management tool lets you run a series of touchpoints on autopilot. From promotional emails, to set-up registration landing pages, follow-up with registrations and more, you can quickly and easily deploy various email marketing programs.

2. Online registration

Easy-to-use web forms make it easy to collect event registration information. This means that registering for events becomes super easy. All data is stored in your database so it can be used for future promotions.

3. Promote your event

The right platform comes with built-in email and social media tools that make it easy to market an event to an opt-in contact list. You’re in control of all of your campaigns by either selecting from pre-built email templates, or creating your own.

4. Measuring and promoting

The right platform enables you to see the performance of your event campaigns through reporting dashboards. Not only can you see who’s been registering, you can also see which campaigns generated the most registration. Now you can justify your campaign spend and work to continuously refine it.

5. Use social media to promote your event

Promoting your event just got easier. Seamlessly connect your event marketing to your social media sites. Configure your messages and let them run on autopilot without having to continuously monitor them.

When done right, events become a critical part of the marketing mix. They offer a way to reach out to and engage with prospects and get them fired up about who you are and what you can offer. Are you executing well-planned events and creating an engaging customer experience for your audiences?