Enhanced Salesforce Integration

ActiveDEMAND has recently been updated to offer tighter integration options with Salesforce. While users were previously able to connect natively with Salesforce and transfer leads, we now offer additional and more granular Salesforce-specific actions like:

  • Logging call activities directly in Salesforce
  • Setting fields
  • Creating or scheduling Salesforce events
  • Creating individual new opportunities

We’ve also enhanced some of our existing lead/opportunity actions to offer more options.

What does it all mean?

With all these new options, you get more control to automate more sales processes and tightly integrate ActiveDEMAND and Salesforce. These actions are available in ActiveDEMAND workflows, so you can automate business logic that mimics how things work in your business today just by dragging and dropping actions and decisions in a workflow. Less time administrating sales frees up salespeople to put in more time with customers and creates more accountability between sales and marketing.

CRM workflow

Example Workflow with Salesforce action items