ActiveDEMAND Ensures the Phone Numbers Received Are Valid

When clients mis-type their phone numbers in forms, it can mean missed meetings, wasted effort looking up a client’s phone number, and ultimately fewer sales. ActiveDEMAND always offered basic phone number validation on how it’s formatted, but now we also offer enhanced phone number validation that looks up the phone number to see if it’s real and valid. This kind of validation also helps slow down people from spamming your form, because they can’t just use the tired old 555-555-5555 anymore and have to come up with real phone numbers.

When users try to use an invalid phone number, a warning shows up in the form to stop them from proceeding until they fix the phone number.

How to enable phone number validation

Enhanced phone number validation is done on each form you wish to enable it on. Just click the phone number field, and check the “Validate phone number” option. No more typo phone numbers and reduced volume of spam fills although you should use a Google Captcha if spam is an issue for you, and it’s super easy to enable.