Usability Improvement: A New Version of the Workflow Engine

The ActiveDEMAND workflow engine is the heart of the platform: enabling marketers to create complex workflows by dragging and dropping decisions and actions to automate repetitive marketing tasks.

Today, ActiveDEMAND has released a new version of the workflow engine that:

  • Loads very large workflows a lot faster
  • Offers copy/paste/delete for individual decisions & actions
  • Offers copy/paste/delete of whole branches of the workflow

For those marketers who automate a lot and make use of the workflow editor (like those of us in ActiveDEMAND’s marketing department), you’re going to love the new speed and features.

Cloning a decision

Cloning a decision

Clone a whole branch of logic

Present in lead processing, campaigns, and autoresponders, workflows are used throughout ActiveDEMAND. If you want to know more about workflows or about the new workflow features, head over to our support article on the workflow editor.