The Power of eNewsletter Templates in a Marketing Automation World

There are many channels of communication which enable companies to engage with prospects. SEO, social media and other avenues make it possible to bring products and brands to market. Yet, among the myriad of these options, one of the oldest and most effective ways of promoting a brand is accomplished through eNewsletter templates.

ENewsletters have stood the test time. They are regarded by top performers as the primary way to reach out to and engage with customers. If you have an email list of prospects that are interested in engaging with you, the right technology can ensure that your asset is read when it hits the inbox.

With the amount of information that is consumed on a daily basis, it can be easy for customers to get lost in email traffic. This is why it’s important to put due consideration into the overall look and feel of a eNewsletter. Things like subject lines, content within the body of the asset, and the overall branding is the stuff that effective eNewsletters are made of. And that’s where eNewsletter templates come in.

eNewsletter Templates

Marketing automation enables marketers to take advantage of an easy-to-use online application that provides eNewsletter templates. However, what differentiates one platform from another is the ability to syndicate this newsletter to all devices – laptops, tablets and smartphones. With the right platform, your newsletters can look great and be delivered in the right format through any device.

An effective Marketing Automation platform (MAP) comes with several capabilities to ensure the successful delivery of a eNewsletter. Here is a list of the top 3.

Built-in Newsletter Wizard

The right MAP makes it possible for anyone to create an eNewsletter template. With the right email template wizard, you can be guided through the process of building your newsletter on your own without having to worry about any programming or coding.

Built-in Library

With MA, you can create a library of eNewsletter articles that you can use over and over again. With a library of custom templates, you can quickly create content in a consistent format.

Reporting & Measurement

A powerful MAP can give you instant access to performance reports with each eNewsletter that’s sent. You can gain granular on who converted on your call-to-actions, who opened your newsletter, who clicked on what link and who subscribed. With reporting, you can see if you’ve been successful with your newsletters and what areas you need to improve.

Key Takeaway

With the right MAP, you can take your eNewsletter performance to a whole new level. By ensuring that your emails get delivered to your recipient’s inboxes, Marketing Automation makes it possible to deliver eNewsletters that are accompanied by visually stimulating and content-rich email templates. Is your branding consistent throughout your eNewsletters?