How to Track Direct Email Replies from a Campaign

The main goal of a good email campaign is to have your prospects complete the CTA (call-to-action)… take the trial, signup for the newsletter, and visit your landing page. However, sometimes those prospects do the unexpected and reply to your campaign email with a question or looking to be contacted directly. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to use a CTA other than having the prospect reply to your email. What’s worse, even with a very targeted and vetted list, these valid leads often get lost in the inevitable flood of out-of-office replies, spam catcher/challenge replies, or no-longer-works-here bounces.

What’s a marketer or salesperson to do? Use “Reply Tracking” to:

  • Trigger new actions based on replies to an email
  • Pull people who replied out of the list (no need to follow up and ask them to that event again if they already replied!)
  • Keep using your noreply@ email address or name your virtual salesperson so people feel comfortable replying to their emails.

Don’t worry, we’ll help ignore spam, automatic out-of-office emails, and maternity leave messages.

Reply tracking isn’t just for marketing, it is also a powerful tool for the sales team. Sales is a contact sport, so it is important that all engagement with a prospect is tracked in the sales CRM, which of course should be synced with the marketing automation system. This is easy to do if the sales team is initiating contact via the CRM platform or MAP system, but all too often they are communicating to prospects with their Gmail, Office 365, or other email client app. While it is possible to capture outbound traffic the really important information is the harder to capture inbound replies. Again ActiveDEMAND reply tracking has you covered.

Real marketing automation and sales-enablement platforms cover all the communication channels – email, phones, SMS, etc, and not only outbound but the more importantly inbound traffic as well. If you’re looking to track incoming email replies, phone calls, form fills, text messages, and more, start your trial with ActiveDEMAND.

If you already have a trial account and want to get started with reply tracking, check out our support article on setting it up.