eCommerce Integration with Marketing Automation

Options for eCommerce are fantastic these days. From hosted platforms like Shopify to self-hosted ones like Magento or WordPress specialty ones like WooCommerce, eCommerce is more flexible, more feature-packed, and more extend-able than ever before.

Why Integrate eCommerce with Marketing Automation

Most eCommerce engines come with some automation built-in, so why integrate with a marketing automation platform like ActiveDEMAND?

  • Deploy dynamic content. Most eCommerce engines do not have this functionality built-in or even as a plugin. ActiveDEMAND has an incredibly powerful dynamic content engine.
  • Deploy smart popups. Deploy popups that take the customer into account and deliver the right information to them.
  • Support other conversion types. What if a customer calls in a huge order instead of buying online? You lose attribution. By using ActiveDEMAND’s excellent call tracking, form submission tracking, online chat tracking, and more, you get more complete attribution.
  • Leverage marketing automation for cart abandonment. Some eCommerce engines support marketing to prospects who abandoned their cart, but they don’t usually have the breadth of channel options that ActiveDEMAND does.
  • Use marketing automation for sale and post-sale communications. Again, marketing automation platforms support more communication channels. You can email, SMS text, call, or add them to a customer target list on Facebook or Google Ads, heckyou could even DM a client or prospect on Twitter. The targeting and channel options on ActiveDEMAND are beyond what most engines include.

eCommerce Engine Support with ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND has native integration with:

Non natively, we may be able to connect with other eCommerce engines using Zapier, or scripts. Reach out to us if you have an eCommerce engine that isn’t listed that you’re wondering about. It’s not an eCommerce engine, but we also have integration with Stripe if you just need to do simple payments on your website.