What Can You Do with Easy Automation in Pipedrive

ActiveDEMAND now has a new campaign trigger that makes integration with CRMs like Pipedrive even easier. Campaigns can now trigger on contact changes. This makes it easier to trigger email campaigns as well as other campaign types using CRM changes: such as updating a contacts deal stage. Unlike many of the existing campaign triggers in ActiveDEMAND that are great for triggering new campaigns based on a contact’s activity, this gives more control to salespeople and other Pipedrive users to trigger new campaigns based on what they think the contact needs.

Example Marketing Automation with Pipedrive

Enough technical jargon, what can you do with this new feature? Here are a few examples:

A signed contract just came in. In Pipedrive, the triumphant salesperson marks the customer as “Closed – Won”.

  1. The customer automatically gets a “New Customer” package including information on how to get support for their new purchase.
  2. 3 days later, the customer gets an email with the 3 most helpful videos on how to use their new purchase.
  3. 2 weeks later, the customer gets a satisfaction survey. If they score the product as 4 or 5 stars out of 5, they’re encouraged to add a review to the company’s Yelp listing.

Sold on this idea already? Check out this help article on how to set it up!

A prospect is ghosting the sales rep and is unresponsive. The sales rep marks the prospect as “Unresponsive”, so the system automatically tries to bring the prospect back to life.

  1. A final touch email is sent to the prospect, appearing to come from the sales rep. It touches on the lack of responsiveness from the prospect, claims that the time may not be right, and gives the prospect some other options for continuing to engage with the company.
  2. ActiveDEMAND watches for a response and if there is none, marks the contact as “Lost – Unresponsive” in Pipedrive.

A salesperson is at an event and meets one of their clients. They find out the client is interested in coming to your office to do a tour. The salesperson marks the client as “interested in a tour” on the Pipedrive mobile app.

  1. An email goes out to the client with information on what is involved in the tour. The email includes a link to an appointment booking form so the client can self-book an open time slot for the tour.

A prospect didn’t choose your product or your competitor’s product, they’re “just not ready”. Sales mark the deal as “Lost – No Decision”.

  1. An attempt to nurture email is sent, appearing to come from the sales rep, encouraging the prospect to subscribe to your newsletter to keep up to date with the industry.

Do you already have Pipedrive integrated with ActiveDEMAND and now you want to set up one of these examples?

Check out our FAQ on setting up contact changes as a workflow trigger or our example on how to trigger an email when a prospect moves into a new deal stage in Pipedrive.

*Note: Drip campaigns based on contact changes like these may take up to 10 minutes to trigger.

Still need to connect Pipedrive with ActiveDEMAND Marketing Automation? Check out our integration guide.