Don’t Guess Your Content’s Success: Know For Sure with ActiveDEMAND’s Content Reporting

circus barkerThe internet can feel like a crowded place these days with new content being created on the daily. Sometimes, I feel like a circus barker – remember those? The guy whose job was to attract patrons to the bearded lady or strongman by shouting through a megaphone at the crowd. Ah, those were the days! The barker would know instantly if they were successful by the number of tickets sold and attendees.

It’s a little more complicated now. Even with the most popular metrics for content engagement like clicks, likes, and comments, it can be challenging to know if your content is getting you your desired result. And whether you’re a marketer, agency owner, or content creator, understanding the impact of your content on your audience can spell the difference between success and mediocrity.

Content Reporting: As Crucial as Any Marketing Metric

You know reporting is important. But content reporting just doesn’t get the love it deserves. Here’s a little refresher on why having detailed content reporting is just as important as your metrics for other marketing channels.

Understanding Audience Engagement:

In the age of data-driven decision-making, understanding how your audience engages with your content is crucial. Are they merely skimming through, or are they taking the time to digest what you have to offer? Knowing this helps tailor your content strategy to what truly resonates with your readers.

Identifying What Content Works and What Doesn’t:

Not all content is created equal. By leveraging detailed reports, you can pinpoint exactly which pieces are hitting the mark and which are falling flat. This means no more guesswork, just precise adjustments to your strategy.

data driven decisionsMaking Data-Driven Decisions:

Gone are the days of ‘gut-feel’ marketing. With ActiveDEMAND, you can make informed decisions based on real insights from your content’s performance. This leads to smarter strategies and, ultimately, better results.

Boosting Overall Performance and ROI:

Content reporting is not just about understanding your content’s performance; it’s about boosting it. By identifying areas of strength and weakness, you can focus your efforts where they matter most, optimizing your return on investment.

Time-Consuming Manual Analysis:

Before tools like ActiveDEMAND, agencies were stuck with tedious manual analysis. Hours that could be spent on strategy and creation were wasted on deciphering data. ActiveDEMAND changes all of that by automating the process, freeing up your time for what truly matters.

Inaccurate or Lack of Data:

Without the right tools, collecting and interpreting data can be a nightmare. Mistakes are made, and opportunities are missed. With ActiveDEMAND’s content reporting widgets and customizable dashboards, you’ll have access to accurate and insightful data at your fingertips.

Difficulty in Tracking Content Performance:

Tracking the performance of multiple pieces of content across different channels can be a complex task. ActiveDEMAND simplifies this by providing a link.  Easily see where prospects engage with your content and if they continue to move along the customer journey.

The Challenge of Connecting Content with Sales:

Perhaps the most significant engagement point of all is understanding how your content directly contributes to sales. ActiveDEMAND provides a complete customer journey from first contact to the sale, allowing you to see which content drives conversions and ultimately makes you money.

content reporting widgets

Get More Than the Basic Reporting Metrics

content distributionWith standard content reporting you usually get views, clicks, likes, comments, etc. but do you really know which content is driving engagement and sales? Go beyond clicks and views. With ActiveDEMAND you can discover what content leads to sign-ups, purchases, or any other actions that matter to your business. For example, ActiveDEMAND reports on which deals were started by content, which content is resulting in the highest number of new leads, and which content generates the most revenue. Wouldn’t you say that data is more valuable than views and clicks?

Get Efficient with Content Automation

Let’s talk about the content distribution process. Before automation it was entirely manual, sucking up valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. With content automation, it’s all about letting the tools and processes take the wheel and sharing your content across digital channels like social media, emails, and content networks.

Think about ActiveDEMAND as your savvy virtual assistant. Beyond features like content calendars, automated post-scheduling, and distribution templates which of course it has, is the ability to set up and automate your content distribution once and then let it run. Now, across your social media, email, and blog you now have a way to broadcast across all your channels. Need to target specific content to a specific audience. ActiveDEMAND can do that too…and report on all of it. So, when you ask, ‘What’s in it for you?’ A whole lot of time-saving, fewer mistakes, and a consistent message across all channels with robust reporting to finally know what resonates and what falls flat.

When considering content automation platforms, look for key components such as:
• Content Cards and Reusable Templates
• Central Content Card Library
• Global Content Management
• Integration Capability
• Analytics and Reporting
• Collaboration and Approval Management
• Streamlining Content Distribution
• Maximizing Reach and Engagement
• Personalization and Targeting

activedemand does content reporting

Psst…ActiveDEMAND already does all of this!

Ready to Step Beyond Clicks?

Understanding how well your content is doing can’t be left to just clicks and likes. With ActiveDEMAND, you have a marketing automation platform that goes beyond simple metrics. Now you can, just like the circus barker, know exactly how your content performs with the proof of the customer journey path and sale in your reports.

Ready to take your content game to the next level? Get your free 14-day trial of ActiveDEMAND and see for yourself how our robust content reporting can transform your content strategy.

And if content automation piques your interest, download our ebook, ‘Unlocking Efficiency and Reach: Content Automation and Distribution. Don’t wait – Try ActiveDEMAND today and watch your content thrive.