Supercharge Your Digital Audio Advertising with Attribution, Reporting, and Marketing Automation

Guest Blog Post by Kate Gerwe, VP Marketing, AudioGo

Audio’s been making a lot of noise in the past couple of years. Looking back, 2018 will no doubt be remembered as the year of the smart speaker, and 2019, the year of the podcast. At a time when a record 77% of online Americans were streaming music, we even saw wireless earbuds enjoying a moment in the past year too.

Drive Brand Awareness

And now in 2020, digital audio listening surpassed traditional radio for the first time, with streaming music, online radio, podcasts, connected TVs, and smart speakers fast becoming a fixture in our everyday lives. That’s because when screens are off, audio is on – in living rooms and bedrooms, offices, gyms, cars, you name it. On average, Americans are spending over 4.5 hours per day streaming audio. And this presents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers, as ads can be more effectively targeted and measured with digital audio. Digital audio advertising is a great way to drive brand awareness and is proven to be effective in enhancing other online advertising efforts. According to a study by Nielsen, advertisers experienced a 24% increase in brand recall when users heard an audio ad compared to a traditional display. In addition, most advertisers see a 2-4X lift in engagement with their online and social media marketing when it is accompanied by targeted digital audio campaigns.

Accessible To All Businesses

Until last year, if you were a small agency or advertiser without a big budget, it was difficult to create effective audio campaigns on the large streaming services. And so AudioGO was created: an easy-to-use, self-serve solution that enables smaller advertisers to get set up and run campaigns on the biggest brands in streaming audio, including Pandora, iHeart, and TuneIn. All that’s needed is $250 and something to say with AudioGO. With AudioGO, you are able to target listeners by age, gender, location (State, DMA/MSA, County, and City), language, and music genre to ensure that only their target audience is hearing their ad. If an advertiser doesn’t have an audio marketing department, that’s not a problem. We can create professional audio advertisements for advertisers, so they have all the tools at their fingertips to reach listeners while they are streaming their favorite music.

Attribution For Campaigns

Although Digital Audio was considered a must-buy in 2019 and is no question an important channel moving into 2020, tracking success can seem more difficult than other forms of digital advertising. Audio is clearly an excellent tool for driving brand awareness. However, many people are unclear about how to measure digital audio effectiveness in direct response campaigns. Think about it: often times you may hear an ad that positively impacts you, and you may tell a friend or go online or search for the product. But how can you track any activity or conversion back to the audio ad? That’s where ActiveDEMAND comes in.

With a suite of tools that include call tracking, creation/tracking of vanity URLs, text message tracking, automated emails, and much more, ActiveDEMAND tracks and closes the loop on audio campaigns you are able to set up and run in minutes on AudioGO. ActiveDEMAND offers an affordable solution to call tracking, allowing advertisers to insert a unique call tracking number, allowing them to track the number of calls coming directly from their audio campaign. The same can be done with a vanity URL, where the advertiser can use ActiveDEMAND’s tools to create and track clicks to the URL. ActiveDEMAND also offers text-in tracking, where the listener texts a certain phrase to a tracked number for a special offer.

Know Your Audio Campaigns Are Working

Not only can you track your campaign’s success with the variety of tracking tools available, but you can also follow the consumer on their buyer’s journey, every step of the way. ActiveDEMAND’s native CRM integrations help advertisers engage with leads from their audio campaigns and convert them into lifelong customers.

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