»»Ditch portable outdoor signs for Internet advertising
Ditch portable outdoor signs for Internet advertising

Ditch portable outdoor signs for Internet advertising

One of the primary objectives of small-business advertising is to gain as much attention as possible. Yet many owners hamper their own efforts when they rely on outdated methods that are ineffective compared to Internet marketing, such as portable outdoor signs. By relying on physical signs to spread the word about a company, managers are hoping a consumer will see it when he or she is interested in purchasing, but this is often not the case.

Online advertising offers small-business owners a way to effectively target an audience. Content can be personalized for specific people at the right time, so it does not leave marketing effectiveness up to chance. Founders can see Internet marketing benefits quickly, compared to outdoor signs, which usually do not have measurable return on investment.

Small-business owners often shy away from online marketing because they think it is too expensive or will be too time-consuming, according to The Boston Globe. When consumers are interested in buying a product or trying a new restaurant, they usually look up places in the area online. If small-businesses are not advertising where their prospects are looking, they could be missing out on valuable sales.

Customers have expressed a clear preference for the Internet. JumpDEMAND offers affordable solutions that will spread awareness of a brand or product for small-business owners.

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