What Would We Do Without Digital Marketing Dashboards?

There is nothing quite like reliable, quantifiable stats, figures and metrics for us marketers, is there? To see how effective our campaigns are and how immediate their impact is on our profit growth and ROI, we always wrestle with measuring our efforts to a fraction of a penny to yield the most desirable results. And how do we achieve this? The solution is a digital marketing dashboard.

The best marketers are able to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and eliminate efforts that don’t yield impact when they use digital marketing dashboards.

In one of the most essential advertising books ever written for marketers, “Scientific Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins, Hopkins writes, “Mail order advertising is traced down to the fraction of a penny. The cost per reply and cost per dollar of sale show up with utter exactness. One ad is compared with another, one method with another. Headlines, settings, sizes, arguments and pictures are compared. To reduce the cost of results even one percent means much in some mail order advertising. So no guesswork is permitted. One must know what is best. Thus mail order advertising first established many of our basic laws.”

And while this book was written in 1923, these days, businesses everywhere are scrambling for the most efficient ways to maximize their profit growth using the best marketing techniques. With the proliferation of best practices, we are now at a stage in which we are keen on seeing the automation of all the tedious, repetitive marketing processes – and using digital marketing dashboards means saving money, cutting back costs, and employing techniques that yield immediate impact.

With digital marketing dashboards, your clients are able to:

  • Assess campaign performance
  • Get immediate insight into their current efforts
  • Make better decisions with real data
  • Plan for our quarterly and yearly goals, and;
  • Always have visibility on campaigns that are on-the-go.

No matter what software you employ for your marketing and sales efforts, its analytics and tracking capabilities that are essential for success. This means that with each effort you employ, you get immediate analysis like click-through rates, open-rates, traffic and page tracking. This allows you to identify which campaigns are top priorities and which issues you have to focus on in order to improve overall business performance.

With digital marketing dashboards, we can eliminate the use of paper – everything is completely automated so we can be free to focus on opportunities that matter in order to make smarter and better decisions.

Do you think digital marketing dashboards are something your customers would like to see? You should. It’s a key way to strengthen your business relationship with them.