Create Form Entry from New Google Sheets Worksheet

Sales and Marketing contact engagement information that is tied up in spreadsheets is not working for you. There are many ways prospect interaction and feedback can be gathered off line – training course surveys, third party webinar polls, trade-show questionnaires. Fortunately many of these avenues provide the ability to export this important information into a spreadsheets. With ActiveDEMAND you can automatically capture this form entry data by simply creating a new Google Sheets Worksheet.

If you have sales and marketing contact form entry data in a spreadsheet then ActiveDEMAND will automatically handle the process of updating your contacts history for you.

Create Form Entry from New Google Sheets Worksheet

How It Works

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet with contacts meta data.
  2. Zapier creates new form entry data in ActiveDEMAND
  3. Using a simple workflow, ActiveDEMAND creates contacts in the database with the new information

What You Need

  • Google Sheets account
  • ActiveDEMAND account