Create a Drip Campaign for New Customers

Most companies want a consistent new client onboarding process. In addition to getting consistent feedback, onboarding is a process that can get help from automation. You can use a drip campaign like this for:

  • New customer onboarding packages
  • New employee onboarding (especially if your company is growing fast)

The great thing about using a drip campaign for onboarding is that onboarding is confusing. How many times have you onboarded an employee, told them everything, only for them to forget something you told them day 1? Customers are often subjected to the same blast of information when signing on with a new vendor. By spreading out that onboarding information, we can make it easier to chew rather than hitting them with everything at once.

Trigger: For a trigger, we’re looking for new ActiveDEMAND accounts created in the last 2 months. We use this in our dynamic contact list that we’re going to use to trigger the drip campaign.

For your own drip campaign, consider using a status from your CRM or other flag that it’s time to send the new onboarding package.

This query is looking for the most recent ActiveDEMAND account creation (there should only be 1 per contact), then uses a calculation to see if that account creation was in the last 2 months. If so, they’re a new user and we want to help them out! Note: if part of your onboarding process is adding new employees to ActiveDEMAND, you could use this same trigger to start your own employee onboarding campaign.

Frequency:  We’re going to send 1 helpful email a week for a period of 2 months. This leaves time for them to experiment on their own time.

Optional Enhancements

Is the coast clear? We’ve added in some wait widgets before each email that checks if the client has received an email from us in the last 24 hours. If they have, we wait for a little while longer.

Custom Unsubscribe: We enable users to unsubscribe from just this training email or from all emails. Maybe they don’t need our help!