ActiveDEMAND Now Enables Marketers to Create Automated “Robocalling” Campaigns

Representatives of company behind integrated marketing platform explain how, when implemented correctly, automated calling will save businesses significant time while improving operations and bolstering marketing campaigns.

ActiveDEMAND, a popular essential integrated marketing platform that appeals to marketing agencies, small businesses, and corporate marketers alike, announced its automated “robocalling” service is now available. According to ActiveDEMAND representatives, when implemented correctly, automated calling saves companies significant time while also improving operations and bolstering marketing campaigns. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) integrated marketing platform, ActiveDEMAND offers a plethora of intuitive features to its users for their monthly subscription, all of which now include automated calling campaigns.

“There’s been some negativity with regard to the way robocalling has been viewed in the marketing sector,” states Brian Neufeld, CMO of parent company JumpDEMAND. “This is undoubtedly due to approaches such as dinner-time surveys, announcements regarding winning a ‘free trip’ and seemingly everything in between. However, when used properly – which includes having permission from contacts – automated calling is very effective. We offer robocalling to ActiveDEMAND users so that they can manage and grow their business, whether it’s business owners themselves, marketing managers or marketing agencies.”

Among the benefits of ActiveDEMAND’s automated calling capabilities are emergency notification, in which automated calling quickly distributes call messages to customers, employees, tenants and more; timely reminders, so that users may recall important activities such as appointments and deadlines; service updates, in which automated calling can quickly communicate what customers are experiencing; past due notices, allowing users to reach out to customers with friendly reminders to pay their bills; event planning, in which automated calling can be used to ensure an event runs smoothly; cancellation notices, which keep people updated with change of venue information or cancellation of event notices and more.

“Robocalling is also useful for managing staff, holiday reminders for closure or reduced business hours and appointment reminders, in which a friendly call can go a long way toward helping people get where they need to be while preventing missed time slots,” adds Neufeld. “With all these benefits taken into consideration, it’s easy to see why automated calling doesn’t necessarily deserve the negative reputation it has unfortunately garnered in many circles.

“When the right system is used to send out the right message, the results can indeed be very effective.”

Offering a great deal more than just call tracking, ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing automation platform built for marketing agencies and small to medium-sized businesses that, unlike other call tracking solutions, provides a bevy of online marketing tools to help users’ marketing initiatives gain traction. From the perspectives of ActiveDEMAND representatives, combining call tracking with online marketing tools is a powerful fusion to help grow a business.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients. ActiveDEMAND provides built in campaign, email, landing page and other templates leaving the agency to simply configure campaigns. Other complete marketing automation platforms are priced outside the budgets of marketing agencies. Not ActiveDEMAND. The platform is built and priced for online marketing agencies to help them market effectively and grow their business.