Conversation Analytics: Calls vs Good Calls

No surprise, there is more to a good call tracking platform than just tracking calls. Despite arguments to the contrary, calls are still one of the most important elements for salespeople to concentrate on. And any salesperson worth their salt knows the difference between calls vs good calls. There is a lot of valuable information in phone conversations, and it’s the concept of conversation analytics that separates the valuable wheat from the time-wasting chaff.

‘The Voice of the Customer’ is No Longer a Metaphor

Conversation analytics enables companies to literally hear and measure their business phone calls. Instead of deciphering the semantic layer of the call, conversation analytics focuses on mapping the full exchange between speakers, including context. The ability to recognize a prospect’s interest, purpose and emotional tone is a great advantage.

Why are we telling you this? Research shows the telephone is still the favorite medium among U.S.-based consumers:

  • A 2015 U.S. State of Michigan Customer Service Report showed 81-percent of customers still use phones on a regular basis to connect with brands.
  • Though enterprises strive to measure every aspect of their performance, calls still pose a mystery in comparison to other communication mediums such as email, social media or chat that can be easily quantified.

What is Conversation Analytics

Conversation analytics is the study of live phone calls and call recordings focusing on dialogue content to create actionable insights.  The analysis provides valuable information such as:

  • Understanding caller intent and which inbound calls are converting to appointments, opportunities, or sales.
  • How each marketing channel is performing in terms of quality conversations.
  • Determining which phone calls require further review.
  • Identifying what is working or not in front line tasks or support calls.
  • Identifying calls useful as examples to train sales/support agents.
  • The keywords callers are using. Determine if the keywords are reflected in the marketing content, ads, and assets.

Not using call tracking software with conversation analytics creates a huge hole in marketing data and the loss of full attribution of marketing campaigns. Should leads be attributed to Pay-Per-Click campaigns or print ads or the website, for example. Without attribution to the advertising channel it’s impossible to determine ROI.

Additionally a powerful conversation analytics campaign, detailed analysis of actual conversations is used to determine the marketing sources driving good calls, if sales agents followed scripts or mentioned promos, what keywords the caller spoke and much more.

The Why, Who and What

With ActiveDEMAND, finally unlock how phone calls are driving revenue. Through conversation analytics, optimize the entire buyer journey including phone calls:

WHY – Achieve granular campaign attribution and understand why customers are calling.
WHO – Gain valuable intelligence concerning who’s calling-in real time.
WHAT – Analyze conversations to increase conversion.

Make it faster and easier for sales staff to differentiate between mere calls and good calls.