ActiveDEMAND Feature Update: Marketing Automation

As Digital Marketing “grows up”, more enterprise features are being added to platforms to help add checks and balances. Gone are the days when the marketing agency would create a new GMail account for their client and create a Google Analytics account under it. These days, better user structure and workflow management are required because we’re doing high priority work that can’t get messed up. Sending out an email to 30,000 clients with a broken link in it, or tweeting out with a typo from a corporate Twitter account, is unacceptable. At the same time, it’s impossible to just hire and have all the work done only by senior people and even they make mistakes sometimes. This is why we’ve added Content Moderation for ActiveDEMAND customers with a Corporate Marketer or Agency Marketing Subscription.

Content Moderation

Content moderation is a system of reviews and approvals you can put in place on content like:

  • Email
  • Social posts (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc)
  • Blog Posts (when using ActiveDEMAND to post to WordPress)

2 different kinds of users work on content: Content Editor: a person who is currently editing a story (email/social post/blog post.) In many agencies, this might be a junior or intermediate person doing the work upfront. Content Moderator: a person who approves a specific story. This will be someone in a senior or supervisory role who’ll get in trouble if it’s messed up. With centralized management of social, email, and blog post content, marketing departments will be able to move some of their moderation and approvals out of Slack or email, and into the ActiveDEMAND platform where approvals and moderation can be closer to the action. Content Moderation in Action

Content Moderation with Marketing Automation Video

Learn more about ActiveDEMAND’s content moderation here. Check out our pricing on the Corporate Marketer Subscription here. It’s lower than you think!

Don’t forget that ActiveDEMAND can help you check links in your emails too. There’s no reason to send out emails with broken links!