Consolidated Marketing Reports for Senior Living

ActiveDEMAND is a fantastic choice in marketing automation for senior living providers because of how it enables marketing for multiple facilities at scale. Today, with the release of our sub-account roll-up reports, there’s yet another time-saving reason to choose ActiveDEMAND.

Roll-up reports make it easy for senior living providers to build dashboards and scheduled email reports that include marketing and sales data from multiple facilities. With roll-up reports, you can now:

  • Report on new leads for all facilities
  • Report on appointments and tours booked
  • Compare email campaign performance between facilities
  • Compare drip campaign performance between facilities
  • Compare marketing channel performance between facilities
  • and more (we have MANY roll-up reports to select from)

If you have to build reports for multiple senior living facilities, ActiveDEMAND is going to take a LOT of time out of reporting so you can spend more time on creative, strategy, and something other than wasting your life copy-pasting graphs in reports.

Consolidated marketing reports for senior living in ActiveDEMAND

MQL Marketing Report in ActiveDEMANd