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Connect Unbounce Form Submits to a Drip Campaign

ActiveDEMAND extends Unbounce with powerful marketing tools to nurture contacts and turn them into true leads, or even better, sales.

ActiveDEMAND connects seamlessly with your Unbounce account. Based on the rules you set up, ActiveDEMAND will automatically nurture the contact submitting a form with a drip campaign until such time that it becomes unqualified or turns into a sales ready lead. When the contact is ready for sales, ActiveDEMAND will automatically notify your sales team.

Automatically add Unbounce form submits to a Marketing Drip Campaign

How It Works

  1. You have a new Unbounce form submit
  2. Zapier creates a form entry in ActiveDEMAND
  3. Using a simple workflow, ActiveDEMAND includes the contact in a drip campaign

What You Need

  • Unbounce account
  • ActiveDEMAND account

Automate Your Marketing with ActiveDEMAND!

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing automation platform designed specifically to help businesses generate more leads. ActiveDEMAND includes all the tools required to deploy online marketing campaigns. Try it for free today!


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Sean Leonard, B.Sc Eng. CompE, Msc (CompE), MBA (Technology Commercialization) is the CEO and co-founder of JumpDEMAND Inc. where he is dedicated to helping Businesses with advanced emarketing strategies and utilizing the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing automation platform. As an entrepreneur, Sean has more than twenty-five years of successful experience launching, owning, operating and growing businesses. Sean has over 10 years of successful global sales and marketing experience.

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