Are You Combining Marketing Automation, Personalization and Customer Data for Growth?

Most companies today are using the same standard tactics and strategies to engage with and market to their target audience. But it’s important to understand consumers today really respond to personalized messages, are looking for instant responses to their questions and are more receptive to offers that are customized to their needs and wants. In order to get the most out of their website, companies need to use a combination of personalization, automation and precise customer data to engage and interact with their customers.

How Companies Can Automate Yet Add Personalization

Many businesses use some degree of automation whether it’s email follow-ups or order fulfillment systems. The problem with many of their setups is that it lacks a personalized touch that can really drive high response rates. The solution lies in integrating email data with other channels and backing that up with consumer behavior data to deliver a one of a kind experience.

By using the email data and collecting behavioral data, businesses personalize many aspects of their channels. Automation is used to track pages the consumer visited, the assets downloaded or even what they bought. This will help companies build a strong customer profile. Once a profile is built, the appropriate content, marketing offers, touch points, and messages are used on blogs, websites, ads, emails, and more.

A Proven Way to Add Human Interaction to Any Website

A proven way to add personalized human interaction to any website is to set up live chat integration. Consumers then interact with company representatives in real time and have their needs met instantaneously. And despite what many people think, using live chat on a website isn’t just about delivering excellent customer support. Used in conjunction with automation marketing processes, it increases sales.

Email drip campaigns, in particular, are excellent for building relationships, educating prospects and engaging consumers. These campaigns drive users to a live chat session or phone call for a more personalized sales experience. The live chat is an excellent platform to solidify in-person appointments for high-end product sales and services. Set up properly, the live chat assistant accesses the user’s customer profile and addresses the user in a relevant manner.

What ways are you using personalization and human interaction in your marketing?

All of these strategies require you use the best platform and have the right systems in place. With an integrated marketing platform, you can easily scale from simple landing pages with live chat integration to full personalization features, drip campaigns and more.