Think Client Reporting Isn’t Important to your Customers? Think again!

How pleased would your clients be if you were to deliver reports that were actually meaningful to them? Today’s savvy and money-wise customers want to know where each dollar is spent and expect to see benchmarks and results that prove performance. They want reports at the touch of a button. And they want them now. They want reports based on what’s most important to cover and exactly how you’ve helped them succeed. They want to trust you.
If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a static report, you know just how disappointing it is to think that you’ve poured so much into the brand, and all you were left with was inadequate proof of where your money really went. This is why top-performing marketing agencies know that comprehensive reporting is an important part of customer retention.  These organizations are showing customers exactly how they’ve helped them succeed, and in turn, have become the differentiators to win business.

Client Reports and Customer Trust

Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” You should never give your clients any reason to doubt your expertise because the second they question your abilities is when they will feel compelled to end the relationship. Reports are that link that builds trust between you and your clients – it’s the real, tangible way of establishing transparent communication.
As the chosen brand, you should be willing to bend over backward to provide your clients with understandable and insightful reports. Providing them with data shows commitment – the cornerstone of trust which is what business partnerships are made of.

Keeping Clients In-the-Know

When a client calls in a panic saying “I need to know how many calls were made this week”, you need to have it for them at a moment’s notice. Keeping customers “in the know” is one of the most important ways of keeping them focused on the big picture while you execute and manage their marketing campaigns. Providing customers with reports in real-time ensures that they feel safe knowing that you are working for them around the clock in order to help them succeed.

Metrics that Matter

An effective marketing team is able to bring together campaign stats and results into a cohesive report that focuses on key business statistics. Things like new introductions, conversions, and leads at each stage of the sales cycle, at the end of the day are the kind of KPIs that matter most. You can always pull up data on email click-through rates and bounces, but clients want to see what really matters – how much business has been closed and projections of future win rates.
Not only will you be able to ‘Wow’ your clients with effective reporting, but you will also have more time to spend on creating innovative strategies for them with less time formatting reports. With the right tools in your hands, you will aid your clients just as much as you will aid yourself. How effective are your client reports? Are your customers happy with the results you show them?