Can You Kan-Ban?

Kanban is a style of visualization that’s popular in Project Management, Manufacturing, ERPs, and basically anywhere you’re moving tasks, contacts, projects, organizations, or other objects through state changes. ActiveDEMAND now offers a kanban style dashboard widget so you can visualize marketing automation-related items using the easy-to-use board. You may want to use this if:

  • Marketing has to manually classify prospects
  • You want to visualize a small group of prospects and how they are going through a workflow or process

kan-ban example

Funnel Widgets on Custom Fields

Custom fields are the bomb for adding extra info about prospects. Sometimes, that information describes where in the marketing funnel a prospect is before they’re qualified as a sales lead and put into a CRM. As an example, you might have a custom field called “prospect status” that has these options:

  1. New email newsletter subscriber
  2. Downloaded whitepaper
  3. Scheduled a call

You can also use this widget to visualize how your contacts are grouped or broken up. How many contacts do you have by country, what kind of tech they have, etc.

These options can now be visualized in a funnel style widget in ActiveDEMAND. It’s descriptively named “Contact Custom Field Funnel”

lead classification funnel