ActiveDEMAND Takes Call Tracking to the Next Level with CallForensics™

Enhanced tracking tactic dives deep into data collected from incoming phone calls to analyze context and relevancy.

ActiveDEMAND, an essential integrated marketing platform targeting digital marketing agencies, small businesses, and corporate marketers, has added functionality to its call tracking solution to include its new capability: CallForensics™. CallForensics™ takes the already robust ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking platform to the next level. Unlike other call tracking solutions that just count calls, ActiveDEMAND CallForensics™ analyzes conversations that happen on the call. The enhanced call tracking conversation analysis capabilities automate the process of categorizing and scoring calls based on the purpose of the call, what was discussed during the call, and what products and next steps were discussed during the call.

“Call tracking isn’t a new concept – after all, best-in-class marketing agencies employ call tracking to measure incoming calls generated by websites, online campaigns, and offline advertisements,” says Brian Neufeld, CMO of parent company JumpDEMAND. “ActiveDEMAND’s call tracking platform takes tracking much further by analyzing the conversations that happen on the call to provide context and relevancy scoring, as well as a myriad of aspects concerning the source, purpose, targeted parties, and content. Indeed, by analyzing the conversation, marketing agencies can demonstrate the value delivered by highlighting individual buyer journeys that end in a call that clearly discuss the client product and services offering.”

“This kind of data should not be counted as a metric, and CallForensics™ can determine that automatically.”

According to ActiveDEMAND representatives, call tracking, on the surface, is a relatively simple concept – an individual dials a phone number associated with a marketing campaign, whether based on a website, banner ad, print ad, etc., and call tracking software records associated metadata such as caller ID, source and location. More sophisticated solutions also provide web history when available, with CallForensics™ taking the approach to the next level by adding context to the call tracking data collected.

“The result, ultimately, is that reporting becomes more detailed and accurate, which in turn means smarter decisions can be made,” adds Neufeld.

ActiveDEMAND’s CallForensics™ joins an already impressive roster of integrated marketing solutions digital marketing agencies, small businesses, and marketers alike can take advantage of, including call tracking numbers, email marketing, drip campaigns, event marketing, Google Analytics, landing pages, lead score software, live chat for websites, marketing analytics and much more.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients. ActiveDEMAND provides built-in campaign, email, landing pages, and other templates leaving the agency to simply configure campaigns. Other complete marketing automation platforms are priced outside the budgets of marketing agencies. Not ActiveDEMAND. The platform is built and priced for online marketing agencies to help them market effectively and grow their business.