Key points to understand about call tracking phone numbers

Call tracking phone numbers is a major benefit that comes with the right email marketing software. By using call tracking phone numbers, a business can attach a name and an identity to every call that comes into a business hotline. It works by generating a random phone number that is associated with every person who visits the site. The information the software collects is then tagged to that number when the person calls, giving the anonymous user a name and identity to go along with his or her website searches. Call tracking phone numbers works with advertisements as well, and much of the same data can be collected. Marketers can know exactly what the user searched for when he or she received the advertisement that led to the phone call. This facilitates the creation of long-tail keywords and customer personas.

For companies that have a lot of phone traffic and not a major internet or email marketing presence, the information that tracking phone numbers collects can be incredibly useful. It helps marketers and advertisers understand exactly who is buying what and what they are searching for to find the products they want to purchase.

Additionally, tracking phone numbers helps the person making the sale because the information collected from the search and the website comes through the computer along with the call. This enables the salesperson to know how to sell the product based on the buyer’s persona and interest. For example, if someone searched for “cheap repair solutions” for a specific item that a company specializes in, then the call will focus on the way that the business can offer inexpensive and long-lasting repairs to products that interest the consumer.

However, this is only one solution to the question of how to achieve quality B2B marketing solutions. For a more complete Web presence, companies will have to begin performing email marketing.

How to start with a keyword and expand into a conversation

Companies that have good websites with search phrases tied into the key information centers, such as the blog, and the links to social media, can also strongly benefit from having a newsletter. In the same way that a tracking phone number system ties the information collected from a website to a phone number and the name of the person calling, an email marketing platform actively scans what someone has been reading on your website, and when he or she submits an email address to your marketing company, an email is automatically generated with content relevant to that person.

In other words, it isn’t simply a newsletter in the traditional sense of something that is the same for each person and comes out at regular intervals. Instead, the marketing software sends out an initial welcome letter with information that is pertinent to what that person was reading. After that, it begins to send emails at particular instances having to do with how the user interacts with the email. On your end of the system, the marketing software knows when people open emails, along with what they read and click inside the newsletter. You can use this information to help build profiles on the person who is considering making a purchase of your product or service. While this is happening, the software continues the conversation by narrowing the specificity of the emails, sending out only the information that it predicts the person would be most intrigued by, based on his or her browsing history – on the website, as well as in the newsletters.

How to begin

The best way to start an email marketing campaign is by thinking of the end users of your product or service and writing to that audience.  According to Julie Knight of MarketingProfs, the point is not how many people receive your emails, retweets and other information. The real goal is the type of people reading the material and how many can be converted into customers. Customer conversion is more important than the number of times your emails are forwarded and the popularity of your blog. Don’t be afraid to go local and hyper specific, because these methods will be much more targeted and focused.

Something else to keep in mind is that email marketing, social media and mobile devices all go together, says John W Hayes, writing for Business 2 Community. He explains that you want to have multiple points of entry for people who wish to know about your product. Some people will come to your website through links on social media, while others will find it by doing Web searches using specific key terms. You need to keep as many potential channels of communication open because all of them will ultimately funnel into an escalation of increasingly specific content that leads to a phone call.

Call tracking phone numbers can make the sale much easier once the potential customer gets to the phone call. Marketers will receive all the information about that person that has been collected through email marketing software. The call tracking and email marketing are designed to link together in this way.