Worried That Call Tracking is Harming Your SEO? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Whether you’re already employing call tracking to measure your marketing effectiveness or are thinking about implementing it – or staying far away from the notion because you’re concerned about its impact on SEO – here’s the rundown…

The details that even allow this to be an issue revolve around Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), which is the process of dynamically replacing the phone number of websites with a tracked number. DNI will provide a unique phone number for every concurrent web visitor session, which means when someone visits a website using DNI, a contact phone number specific to that web session is generated – in other words, if you and your friend sitting beside you visit the same website at the same time, there will be a different contact number created for you and him/her.

How DNI Helps Marketers

DNI helps marketers track the web activity that leads to a phone call into a business. Phone calls, typically, are considered “higher-quality” leads than, say, a submission of a form, and DNI plays a huge role in optimizing a website for phone calls.

The concern has been that search engines index a website, and by doing so they will index several different phone numbers, raising a red flag. Search engines put a lot of pieces together to determine the legitimacy of a website, and when the phone number keeps changing, this can hurt a business’ reputation.

What’s the Good News?

Here’s the good news: DNI does not impact the way search engines index a website. The reason for this is that DNI technology from reputable vendors will not be triggered by “bots” (the calls made to a website by search engines indexing a site). Whenever bots visit a website using DNI technology, the bot will always “serve up” the main phone number for the business – therefore, when search engines use a company’s phone number to help establish legitimacy, DNI exhibits no negative impact.

Our overall point is this: If you’ve been concerned with DNI impacting your SEO, don’t be. As long as you’re utilizing a DNI service from a reputable company, there’s really nothing to worry about. If you are already using DNI – which we congratulate you on – you’re ahead of the curve.

If you are NOT using DNI, we must ask… why not?