What Call Tracking for Marketing Can Do For Your Campaigns

In order to see the true value of your marketing campaigns, you need to get familiar with call tracking for marketing. You need to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages, your PPC ads, your banner ads, website activities and more. Best-in-Class performers are applying call tracking as an essential capability to better understand how to serve their prospects and customers. But what are call tracking phone numbers? How do they enable companies to generate leads and close more deals?

Whatever industry you may be in, the reality is that the vast majority of leads and sales are generated through one of the most traditional channels of communication – the telephone. Closing the loop between marketing efforts and inbound calls means moving away from guesswork and into the realm of real science – the science of call metrics. There is no longer a need to be naïve about how many calls your marketing efforts are driving.

It’s important to mention the importance of call tracking phone numbers with the advent of smartphones and new buying behaviors. Buyers are routinely using the mobile devices to find information via mobile search. And with that, the number of inbound calls has dramatically increased. This is why it has become vital to pay close attention to mobile users and the way they interact with your brand.

How does Call Tracking work?

A call tracking system enables you to instantly register toll-free or local phone numbers. When you receive a call from a customer, the unique number instantly provides you with information such as where that call came from – was it from a paid ad, a web page, an email?… You can even get metrics on such information as the time the call was placed as well as its geolocation.

By provisioning a unique local or toll-free number for each marketing channel, you can track lead generation. When a customer reaches your site by searching for a particular keyword, your phone number will be replaced automatically by a number within your pool of unique phone numbers. This unique number will let you know which keyphrase was used to find you.

So where does Marketing Automation (MA) come into play?

MA allows you to track calls from virtually any source. Let’s say you receive 1,000 visitors to your website every two days; your platform will provision a pool of phone numbers that can withstand this much traffic so that when calls do come in, you can log detailed information that is used to further nurture the caller. Marketing Automation is that technology that empowers you when it comes to inbound calls – a key element of your lead generation process. If you need to manage your callers, call tracking works to enable you to effectively nurture leads and generate more sales.

Want to measure the performance of your marketing channels? Call tracking phone numbers can get you there.