4 Tips to Understand Call Tracking and PPC

Most marketers have used or are at least familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising. When set up correctly the data collected is extensive, from impressions to conversions. PPC advertisement tracking can even be used to track offline activity such as phone calls. And recently, Google AdWords implemented text messaging as an additional method for potential customers to contact businesses via online ads. But even with all these powerful ways to engage with customers, businesses often don’t track the full conversion, particularly with phone calls. Without inclusion of phone call tracking data, the success of PPC ads is based on assumptions.

Don’t Assume! Know Absolutely Based on Data

Here are four actions to implement call tracking the right way.

Track Calls from the Landing Page

A phone number has been included in the PPC ad so why bother with a phone number on the landing page, right? Wrong. Landing pages without a phone number to track are missing out on important conversion metrics associated with PPC efforts. The ‘blind spot’ occurs when a potential customer makes a phone call from a landing page. Without call tracking implemented the ability to tie conversions back to landing pages, PPC ads, or campaigns is difficult if not impossible.

Integrated with Sales

Integrated call tracking, which enables sales teams to see phone call activity, lead attribution, and customer information within an application is vital in today’s marketing landscape. Call tracking integration, such as solutions offered by ActiveDEMAND, enables businesses to add call-related insights to dashboards and workflows.

Understand Not All Calls Are Conversions

Tracking phone calls is important, but it’s equally important to understand not all calls lead to conversions. Marketers need to filter out the noise and get the correct metrics to track the REAL calls. Complete call tracking solutions from ActiveDEMAND filter out the spam, solicitors, and unrelated calls from the relevant PPC ad inquiries.

Additionally, don’t waste sales time on junk clicks and inbound phone calls that aren’t worth consideration. Solutions like ActiveDEMAND enable the ability to set ‘rules’ for phone calls so only true leads are counted as conversions. Being precise about conversion criteria gives a more accurate assessment of paid search performance.

Include Call Keywords When Optimizing

Remember to optimize campaigns and keyword bids by including data from call conversions. It is important to consider all keyword information, including PPC and call tracking keywords. With keyword level tracking, additional call data is pushed to see exactly which ads and keywords convert the most. It’s a better measurement of offline conversions in one fully integrated, easy-to-use tool.

ActiveDEMAND is a fully integrated call tracking and marketing automation solution to manage Call Tracking and Pay Per Click campaigns. Get the data and know campaigns are working with ActiveDEMAND!