Remember how we added texting to our Chrome extension earlier this month so that you could text clients who missed your call? We’ve now turbocharged that functionality. When you call a client /prospect and they fail to pick up, you can now:

  • Drop a pre-recorded voicemail, and send a follow up templated email
  • Drop a pre-recorded voicemail and send a text message
  • Send a text message only
  • Send an email only

We recommend dropping the voicemail and then sending a follow-up email with a link to your appointment scheduler so that you don’t have to play phone tag just to set up another meeting.

This greatly increases the number of calls a salesperson or account manager can make because they can move on with life and skip the:

  • 1-minute voicemail that you were going to leave the client that’s the same most of the time anyways
  • 5-minute email explaining that you tried calling and the client wasn’t there
  • 20 minutes – 1-hour playing phone and email tag trying to set up another meeting

This feature saves time for salespeople and account managers. If your salespeople frequently have meetings with clients over phone calls, we highly recommend using the Chrome Extension along with this feature to increase the number of calls they can make and help spend more quality time speaking with clients. We have a support article here on how to implement call completion automation.

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