Automate Branding Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has a number of benefits for busy or growing companies. An online marketing system can automate tasks so businesses can focus on other objectives rather than worrying about when to schedule email communications or follow up with leads. However, companies may not realize there are opportunities to improve branding with marketing automation as well.

Many new companies do not make branding a priority because they have other tasks to focus on, but it’s important for the success of a consumer-facing organization. A brand will make a business stand out against its competitors, so organizations need to establish a brand during their early marketing efforts. However, when directing most of the effort to attract new customers, it can be difficult to make branding a priority.

How marketing automation helps with branding

The rapid growth of digital marketing has given companies a wide range of advertising tactics to employ when trying to attract new customers, but with a large number of channels, it can be difficult to remain consistent. Businesses can detract from their marketing if they use varied messages or even a separate look and feel in different channels. There is often a disconnect between an organization’s marketing efforts and what its target audience really wants.

Even if companies work to establish a brand, the differentiation may not last over time if marketers do nothing, according to an article in Business 2 Community. Consumer behavior can be complex, and people may come to expect more innovation from a brand over time. Additionally, people are becoming more fickle about brands, demonstrating why they need regular contact to stay loyal to a company.

Using a marketing automation platform to stay consistent

Because marketing automation allows companies to schedule tasks and help the sales team identify when to follow up, it can also help marketers keep their messages consistent across all channels of communication. If marketers who do not have knowledge of graphic or Web design attempt to create messages on their own, they risk sending out materials with out-of-proportion logos or colors that don’t match the website.

With a marketing automation platform, marketers can define colors, logos, and graphics that are key to the brand, and the correct look and feel can be maintained without effort. This makes it easier to stay consistent across all channels. If a customer gave his or her contact information through a form on the website, an email with a similar design and color scheme will reinforce the brand image. While many marketing teams do not have the time to perform a significant overhaul in branding, marketing automation is a simple way to enhance uniform messages.