The Difference between Branding Marketing Strategy and Marketing Campaigns

Branding Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Campaigns

So your main strategy is to expose your brand to the market, and of course, along the way it wouldn’t hurt to nurture some prospects to close more deals. How do we categorize these two processes? What is the difference between a branding marketing strategy and a marketing campaign? Where are the similarities? Let’s explore the difference between these two concepts and discover what they both mean to small-medium sized businesses.

Not only are the two concepts misunderstood in business, they are also often misunderstood internally within the marketing department. A branding marketing strategy is essentially the process of creating an end goal for the company, and then aligning processes to continuously strive to meet that (those) goal(s).

Your brand is everything to your company. That’s why it is important to identify your target audience and what it is they want. With this knowledge, you can have a purpose. Businesses tend to change from one day to the next. Some months sales will drop, people in the organization may leave, and sometimes the competition is so fierce that you have to change your whole marketing and sales approach. What do you do in an environment that’s constantly changing? When you define what your brand stands for, it becomes easier to make decisions. You understand who you should hire, what products you should sell and what your message should be.

When you involve your employees in creating these concepts, you are in turn unlocking the power of your brand. Setting up a branding marketing strategy will give you direction because you will work backwards with the end in mind.

How can a marketing campaign influence a brand

A good definition of Marketing is defined by Chartered Institute of Marketing as “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”.

This means that a marketing campaign becomes a key part of your branding marketing strategy. It helps marketing create messages that target the customer’s needs. Marketing campaigns should be based on brand positioning and the personality of the brand, itself.

In essence, marketing campaigns are the processes you to take to get your message across, while your brand is how you keep the promise you made to yourself about the goals you will work to achieve.

Marketing campaigns are the component of getting the message across, while your branding marketing strategy is how you stick to the strategy that you’ve set in place when you defined what it is your company is trying to do, and how this will get done.

Top performers always implement a brand strategy before even beginning to go through various business processes. Once a brand is set in place, a marketing campaign will work within the bounds of that brand.

Have you devised an effective branding marketing strategy?