Keeping Top-of-Mind Through an Effective Brand Strategy

Let’s face it, when we see a company use a logo on their website, then a completely different one on a banner ad, it’s obvious that there are problems with their brand strategies. Effective brand management is complex. Many companies face this challenge. And it’s especially true when they market across multiple platforms.

So what is brand management and how do you manage a branding strategy?

A brand represents who you are and what your company stands for. It includes such attributes as your business name, your logo, messaging, and design. It makes you unique in that it distinguishes you from your competitors. With a brand, you make a promise. You are conveying a message, and striving to achieve it.
The following is a list of what an effective brand strategy can accomplish:

  • They identify your brand position
  • They trigger constant recognition
  • They position you as an expert in your industry
  • They remind people of your reputation
  • They place your company top-of-mind with customers

When it comes to brand management, there is a way to tame it. When you are working from a central hub, and then syndicating your message across all of your platforms, you gain control of your brand. With the right brand strategy platform, you can be in control of your identity; and brand identity is the key to your relationship with your audiences.

Keeping branding on all of your assets such as social media communication, email campaigns, events and webinars uniform, demonstrates to your audiences that you have complete control over your brand.

This is where Marketing Automation comes in.

The role that Marketing Automation (MA) plays in your brand strategy is paramount. In order to keep brand identity in check, there are various advantages of a Marketing Automation platform (MAP). Here’s what you get with MA:

  • MA enables you to work from a single platform to capture and manage all brand-related information throughout all of your marketing channels
  • It keeps everything up-to-date by ensuring any changes are reflected in all areas of your campaigns
  • It maintains accuracy by synchronizing information lending consistency to all company information and product and brand details

Why having a brand strategy matters

Brand management creates a reputation with everything you are affiliated with. You need to live up to what your brand promises and that has to be supported each day. With branding strategies, you ensure that each promotional piece and every touch point with a customer is consistent.
Your brand is your signature. It’s what separates you from your competitors. When you establish and adhere to your brand strategy, your commitment reinforces the notion that doing businesses with you is possible because you can be trusted.
Is your message consistent throughout all your marketing channels?