Booking Demos for SaaS Vendors Made Easy

Rather than just having a contact us form, an appointment scheduler is a more respectful way of dealing with customers. Instead of filling out a form that goes off into the ether, and may or may not get a timely answer, an appointment schedule gives a customer or prospect something in return for their precious contact information: a confirmed date and time for a meeting. And because our appointment scheduler is connected with calendars and it’s built into the system, it can serve as a new, better conversion point for many types of companies. 3rd party calendar solutions make website analytics difficult due to the use of iFrames that are invisible to Analytics programs. An appointment scheduler that’s part of your marketing automation system pre-fills information the system already knows, gives better-connected conversion data to ad platforms, better informs user journeys, and lets you better customize your marketing and digital platforms for your clients. Best of all, because marketing automation systems include a lot of automation tools, you can easily automate and manage your bookings and client meetings. We’ve recently enhanced our appointment scheduler to make it easier for SaaS companies performing demos to manage bookings with multiple people. Now, you can add multiple people’s calendars to a single appointment booker, such as to your demo request page. You can assign the demo:

  • Based on priority, choosing the highest priority calendar available
  • Based on round-robin assignment so that the team shares demo requests.

This is fantastic for SaaS vendors who need to send prospects to a single appointment booking page and book demos with a team. We’ve even got an option to schedule the meeting in GoToMeeting if you usually need virtual meetings.

Booking Demos SaaS companies

Recommended Demo Booking Setup For SAAS Companies

This setup will automate much of the workaround managing demo requests right within ActiveDEMAND. Demo Page: We recommend building a single demo request page that prospects use to book demos with your team. This page will house the demo appointment scheduler. Demo Appointment Scheduler: small teams will probably have a priority of who should be giving demos and should, therefore, use the “based on the order of calendars added” option, with the top priority demo-givers calendars up top. Bigger teams or teams where sales do demos should use the round-robin option to evenly distribute demos where possible. After booking: At the basic level, you should configure your appointment processing workflow to email the prospect a booking confirmation with calendar item they can save to their calendar. There’s a great after-booking workflow included in your ActiveDEMAND account you can customize. Enhancement – Missed demo re-booker: This is a drip campaign you trigger by marking the demo as “missed”. You send the prospect an email saying you noticed they were unable to attend the demo and you remind them to re-book the demo via the demo page. Wait 8 days, then send another reminder if they have not yet re-booked. saas company demo booking tips Because we at ActiveDEMAND give demos, we’ve built ActiveDEMAND to have the slickest setup for managing demo bookings. Other SaaS vendors will love how easy our system makes managing prospect and client demos. Learn more about our appointment booking via this support article.