The Basics of Call Tracking and Why You Should Use Them

Call number tracking is a great way for businesses in niche industries to get ahead of the competition and find out exactly what customers want. It is also an excellent tool for use in conjunction with affordable online marketing. It works by associating certain website users with specific phone numbers that are automatically generated to be unique to each person. As soon as someone picks up the phone, his or her number is tied back to the metrics that came from the website, allowing marketing software to track exactly when the person called, along with the page he or she was viewing. It brightens up what would otherwise be a dark spot in the process from finding the website to picking up the phone and calling for more information.

Another way of doing call number tracking is to associate every advertisement with a different phone number. This is useful for gauging how successful each ad is when it comes to driving sales growth.

Additional benefits to call number tracking

Another benefit described by Tom Pick from Business 2 Community is that when the phone goes through to the person on the other line who is trying to sell the product, the employee already knows what the lead wants because of the software. The operator knows this because the information was picked up when the potential customer was going through the website, and the information was carried over through the phone call.

Call number tracking depends on connecting people with keywords. To have a great site that targets niche audiences, making excellent keywords is the first step to great advertising. According to Irv Shapiro, writing in MarketingProfs, understanding keywords is crucial. He recommends that marketing experts tie their phone campaigns directly to the advertising campaign, looking to see what search terms the user typed in order to find the advertiser’s website. This will allow a small business to know exactly what is working and what isn’t, providing for a constant honing and crafting of the perfect advertisement.

Additionally, call number tracking gives companies the ability to find out which keywords are leading to the best sales. This will further refine the advertising, so only the search terms that directly lead to an actual sale are used in the final advertisement. Because only about 19 percent of inbound calls are quality leads, it is critical to know where these leads are coming from to attract new customers.