B2C companies can manage online personas with marketing automation

Internet marketing methods are not just about reaching consumers through the platforms they already utilize. Systems like marketing automation allow B2C companies to identify online customer personas and tailor their marketing efforts appropriately.

According to a study from Mastercard, people assume digital identities online, and these personas reflect their true preferences as consumers. These personas determine the actions customers take online and how they protect their data. The study found there are certain types of organizations consumers will trust with their personal information, and these findings could be important for retailers and companies that engage in e-commerce. Creating marketing campaigns designed around these different personas could have an effect on digital advertising success.

Mastercard found five global personas: open sharers, those who aren’t shy about sharing personal information in exchange for deals; simply interactors, people who are highly dedicated to social media but aren’t tech-savvy; solely shoppers, e-commerce customers who use the Internet to find the best deals; passive users, those who spend the least amount of time online; and proactive protectors, shoppers who are wary of target marketing campaigns.

Additionally, the study revealed consumers are more knowledgeable about the privacy settings on their Web browsers, which could hamper digital marketing efforts. Despite this, more than half of online shoppers enjoyed receiving personalized offers after sharing their information.

What do online personas mean for consumer-facing companies?

Instead of using this information to attract new customers, many retailers may leverage their knowledge of consumer personas to encourage their existing clients to buy more, according to an article in Edmonton Journal. Some studies have indicated it is more cost-effective to retain clients than to attract new customers.

Retailers could utilize this information to design a dynamic website. The site can showcase product offerings and give loyalty points and special discounts to shoppers who visit.

Additionally, marketing automation could be used to further tailor communications. For small marketing teams, it may be difficult to determine personas and target each of them, but an online marketing system can simplify the process. Since people are willing to share different information, retailers could create content for each persona they want to target and send customers relevant offers.

Online marketing is changing all the time, and companies need ways to stay competitive. Marketing automation can help organizations tailor content to customers based on their buyer personas.