B2B myth: Sales are closed in person so there’s no need for online marketing

While B2B sales teams need their coworkers in the marketing team to generate new leads, many organizations do not see the need for online marketing methods because they close deals in person. Since B2B involves a more complex sales process and a longer lead cycle, many sales professionals rely on their personal skills to convert leads into revenue. Despite what sales representatives think, Internet strategies such as marketing automation can help the team build relationships with their prospects.

Because B2B products often cater to a niche market, many companies have not felt the need to implement online marketing because they know their target audience, according to an article in Forbes. However, relying on the same channels can cause marketers to miss the opportunity to gain new customers. Some companies are making the shift to Internet lead generation, and B2B marketers that do not could be at a competitive disadvantage.

Marketing automation helps sales teams enhance their client relationships

Although B2B sales professionals know the industry, without Internet marketing they can end up chasing prospects who aren’t interested. After capturing a lead’s contact information, marketing automation can ensure communications are consistent and relevant to drive the prospect through the sales process. The lead can indicate whether they are ready to make a purchase, and at that point, the marketing team can direct them to a salesperson.

Salespeople still need to close deals in person, but marketing automation can build the relationship along the way. The B2B buying cycle is longer and more complex, and there are more customer touch points, which increases the risk of leads dropping out before they convert. Marketing automation can help companies stay in touch with their prospects until they are ready to make a decision.